Meat Hook

A meat hook or barbecue hook is one of the few advances in food turning technology in recent years. A meat hook has a wood handle with a rounded metal shaft. The shaft typically tapers the bends to a hooked pointed. Typically a meat hook is made with surgical stainless steel the ends are very narrow and extremely sharp. The hooked end allows you to flip your meat with the flip of your wrist.

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A meat hook is made to turn solid pieces of meat such as steak or chicken and will not work well for burgers or delicate foods such as skinless fish. They work extremely well when used with the right foods and will allow you to turn large quantities of food extremely fast.

Note: Most meat hooks are designed to be used by right-handed people and can be awkward for lefties to try to use.

These have been around for a while and we have a couple kicking around the old grilling tool cabinet collecting dust. Like everything else they were cool to use for a while and then we used them less and less.

Until we began to use one of the shorter 12 inch versions. For some reason a shorter meat hook just seems more convenient to use. We now use ours on a regular basis and in the kitchen.

Clean-up of a meat hook is a breeze: Since you only use the tip, just swish it around in soapy water and wipe clean. Watch out for that point though, you could pierce something you don’t want to if your not careful.

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