Rotisserie Parts and Accessories

In this section you will find grill rotisserie parts such as spit forks, spit rods, as well as some rotisserie accessories. As long as you know the width of your spit rod most of theses rotisserie parts and accessories are a universal fit.

On the bottom of this page you will find a breakdown of each rotisserie part, what it is called, and what it does.

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Rotisserie parts breakdown:

Over the years I have heard rotisserie parts been called by all sorts of different names. In fact most of the phone calls we receive are due to the fact that the person wants to describe the rotisserie part they need.

So here is where I will attempt to clarify what each rotisserie part is called and a brief description of what it does.

Rotisserie motor or Spit Motor: This is the part that turns the rod.

Spit Rod or Spit: This is the part that goes into the motor, spans the width of the grill that the food sits on and the rest of the hardware mounts to.

Spit rod handle: Typically this part screws onto the end of the spit rod so that you can pick it up. I have seen rods that do not use this part.

Spit Forks or Meat Forks: These are the rotisserie parts that hold the meat onto your rotisserie. They can be made with 2 or 4 prongs and typically tighten to the spit rod with some sort of screw.

Spit Rod Bushing: This rotisserie part is a round collar that will slide onto a square or hex spit rod to make it round where it sits into the grill.  It will also keep the spit rod from pushing out of the motor. Weber rotisseries do not use this part.

Rotisserie motor mounting bracket: Mounts to the grill body to hold the motor in place.

Rotisserie bushing bracket: Supports the spit rod on the side opposite the motor and the spit rod bushing will ride on it. Not required on most grills.

Rotisserie counter balance: Of all of the rotisserie parts on this list this one is purely optional. This is a weight that will off set an off-balance rotisserie load. This prevents the motor from speeding up and slowing down while turning.



Showing 1–16 of 37 results