Rotisserie Motors

A rotisserie motor can be either battery powered (dc) or 110 volt (ac). If you are looking to replace your existing rotisserie motor most these motors will fit onto most current 3 inch wide rotisserie mounting brackets and drive a standard 5/16 square spit rod.

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Selecting a rotisserie motor:

Whether you are looking to replace your existing rotisserie motor or building a rotisserie from scratch here are a few this to keep in mind when choosing the correct motor for you.

1) What are you going to be cooking? This is the most important factor when selecting a rotisserie motor. If you like to do a couple of chickens once in a while then the battery powered motors will work just fine for you, they have a 20-pound capacity.

Now if you want to do turkeys, pork butts etc. you will need the larger capacity (up to 40 pounds) AC rotisserie motor. Something else to keep in mind is that the weight capacity’s listed are in a perfect world with a well-balanced load and includes the hardware weight (allow 5 pounds for the hardware). So if you are planning on cooking a 20lb. turkey on your rotisserie and you are using a motor rated for 20 pounds it will not work very well.

First of all with the addition of the hardware you will be over the capacity and the load would need to be perfectly balanced. While it would probably work for a while you run the risk of burning out you rotisserie motor prematurely.

2) Where is your grill going to be set up? If your grill is right near the house a short extension cord is not to difficult to set up. However if it is in the middle of your yard a dc rotisserie motor would be the ideal setup if the weight allows it.

The more you are under the listed weight capacities of your motor the better off it will run. If you wanted to drive 120mph would you rather be in a Pinto or a Ferrari? The Pinto would get you there eventually and not very easily, while it would be a breeze in the Ferrari.

It took us several years to find a manufacturer that builds quality rotisserie motors that will last. These are all high quality motors that come with a 1-year manufactures warranty. So you can cook with confidence.