Battery Rotisserie Motors

These DC or battery powered rotisserie motors run on 2 D cell batteries or you may use the AC adapter. These motors can turn up to 20 pounds and fit a 3 inch rotisserie mounting bracket and drive a standard 5/16 spit rod.

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Around here I prefer to use battery operated cordless rotisseries instead of the corded versions and here is why:

I do not like the hassle of the cord: The extension cord runs around the patio that can easily be tripped over. Generally when you are rotisserie grilling it is a few hours and a lot can happen in that time frame. Yes making sure you have batteries is it’s own headache but I have found purchasing one 4 pack of D cells at the beginning of the year will cover you.

Only once have I cooked something close to 20 pounds: The DC motors that come with these kits can turn a lot of weight when compared to the cheaper motors on the market. I have used this to grill a 16 pound turkey without a problem and that is an extreme. Typically I use our rotisserie for chickens, Cornish game hens and turkey breast none of which even approach 10 pounds total.

You can place you grill anywhere: If we are having people over I can move the grill well away from kids and dogs and still use the rotisserie.

I always have access to a stronger AC motor but end up using the DC motor for convenience sake.