Grilling skewers are now available in metal, wood and even a flexible wire version. When you place soft foods on your barbecue a good skewer is a must have. A good rule of thumb is that the softer your food is the wider you would like the skewer to be or you can use two round ones

Grilling with skewers has come a long way since I was growing up. Back then you would get the occasional kabob and that was is. Now you can cook just about anything on a skewer and they are not just for cooking they make for a killer food presentation as well.

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Skewers can be used with smaller items like shrimp. Just slide 4 or 5 of them on the skewer and grill them up basting with some garlic butter. It makes it not only easier to turn but easier to serve as well.

An easy and delicious skewered appetizer to try is pork and pineapple. You can use a short skewer and simply add one cube of each. Grill up and to serve place into a bowl with the skewers sticking out the top. A cool presentation and delicious product.

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