Tel-Tru Barbecue Thermometers

Tel-Tru barbecue thermometers are the one’s that you will see most often on the professionals barbecue pits. This is because they are the highest quality most reliable analog thermometers on the market and they are made in the USA.

On the bottom of this page you will find some tips on mounting Tel-tru barbecue thermometers on your pit as well as a guide to stem length selection.

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All the Tel-Tru barbecue thermometers mount into a 3/8″ hole. If this sounds large to you that is because it is. Most higher end off-set smokers already have this size mounting hole on them and it is just covered with a plug, some are even threaded.

Here are the Tel-Tru mounting instructions:

The dial faces on these start at 3.5 inches or about the size of your fist. This is so that they can be easily read from a distance away. Face color is a matter of personal preference with black being the most popular followed by the glow in the dark versions.

What is the right placement for the thermometer on your smoker?

Ideally you want your thermometer stem positioned at your cooking surface level and without the stem coming in contact with your food or heat source(you will need to consider how long your stem is as well). The right cooking surface location will enable you to get temperature readings closest to your meat and food. Most commercial cookers have the thermometer mounted at the top of the cooker for convenience, and since heat rises you will need to consider this when monitoring your cooking temperatures.

How do you select the right stem length for your smoker?

For accurate temperature readings, the length of the sensor must be fully immersed inside your cooking chamber. A bimetal thermometer has a coil that is about 2” long located at the bottom of the thermometer stem. Tel-Tru bimetal thermometers have a 360 degree groove so that you can visualize where the sensor is inside the thermometer stem. You also need to consider where your food will be on your grates, you do not want the stem right up against it. The longer 4 inch stems are difficult to place at grate level in a small smoker but fit well in the large commercial versions.