Large Animal Rotisseries and Parts

This section contains parts for building whole large animal rotisseries. Mainly for use over a large open fire pit these rotisserie parts can support whole hogs or lambs up to 100 pounds in weight. Most grill walls will not support that kind of weight so please keep that in mind when ordering. We include the weight limit of each item where we can.

These rotisseries are really out of our area of expertise so please do your research before ordering.

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Looking to build your own rotisserie to cook a whole hog? Your choices are to either spend a lot of money on a kit or build it yourself. I will always suggest you purchase a kit because they are ready to go and have been tested.

Whole animal rotisseries are expensive because they are designed to handle the weight. I was once told by a rotisserie manufacture that building a unit that can handle up to 50 pounds is cheap but for every 10 pounds of load you want to go above that it gets more and more expensive. Think of it this way: Cars that can go the speed limit are relatively inexpensive but if you want to go 200 mph those cars are 10 times the price.

A whole hog weighs can weigh over 200 pounds and can run you up to $1,000 and a rotisserie that may not work properly would ruin all that meat.

If your are dead set on building your own whole hog rotisserie there are a bunch of webpages and youtube videos out there to help you do your research before you begin to build.

Looking for large custom spit rods? Start here.

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