Grill Grate Bristle Free Scrub Brush


9 inches Long
Bristle Free Design
Recommended for use on porcelain coated cast iron

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The grill scrub brush by Mr. Bar-b-q is bristle free and 9 inches long with a plastic handle. This is recommended for use on porcelain coated cast iron grates. The scrubber portion is a spun polymer designed for scrubbing heavy grime. The scrubber will not flatten out or get soft. It is not to be used on hot grill grates or it will melt.

There are a few grill manufacturers out there that recommend this type of grill brush for use on their grates. We have tested all types of grill brushes over the years and frankly, this type of brush is only effective if your grates have been soaking in hot water for a while, and who wants to do that every time they grill.

The spun polymer will eventually clog with grease and then you can turn the pad over.

This may be good for scrubbing your pots and pans but if you want to use it on your grill we do not recommend it.

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