Shish Kabob Rotisserie Accessories

We sell a lot of grill rotisseries and parts so we commonly get asked for shish kabob rotisserie accessories. I guess there are people who want to grill their shish kabobs but don’t want to set down their beer to get up and turn them.

There are a lot of shish kabob rotisserie accessories out there specifically made for your grill. We have done all the research for you, and scoured the web to show you the options available We also let you know the good and the bad for each type.

When it comes to shish kabob rotisserie accessories my preference would be the wheel types. Simply because all of those good drippings are not wasted they drip down onto the next skewer. If you set up your kabobs correctly you can have the meat from one drip onto the vegetables of the next skewer and so on.

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The Napoleon Shish Kabob Wheelkabob rotisserie accessories

This is an inexpensive and great option it holds 6 skewers each 18 inches long. The skewers lock into place but can easily be detached and removed. If you already have a rotisserie with the right size spit rod this is probably your best bet.

The downside is that it only fits a 5/16 inch spit rod. So it will not work with a Weber rotisserie or any rotisserie with a thicker rod. For other rotisseries you could purchase a thinner spit rod and bushing and you would be good to go.

The Troops Kabob Rotisserie

This is a self contained battery operated rotisserie for your grill. It holds ten 16 inch chrome plated wood handle skewers that are included in the kit. It is designed for use on any grill that has a straight edge. The 2 D batteries and motor sit off the heat and the gears are aluminum sitting inside a steel frame.

This unit is fairly expensive and can only be used for kebobs. The way it is set up it cannot be used on a kettle type grill. Unless you are kebobing all the time this probably isn’t for you. If you would use it frequently this is probably the setup for you.

BBQ Rotisserie Grill Kit

There is not a lot of information on this one available. It is stainless and has some nice flat skewers with it. The spit rod hole is square and held into place with screws.  It is just over 8 inches long total.

It will only fit a very small 6mm or 15/64 spit rod and it is very short. This one is a pass.

Last on or list of shish kabob rotisserie accessories is one that is manual and does not need a rotisserie at all:

weber Elevations Tiered Grilling System

It’s from Weber and it’s something I have never seen before. You can hold your kabobs at multiple levels and move them around at will. It sure is pretty with it’s stainless flat skewers hanging in the air.

The drawback to this one as I see it you only have a top and a bottom because of the flat skewer design. You can get them here for less then $20 though

You could always use a standard flat rotisserie basket and place 4 kabobs in it.

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