Deluxe Hamburger Grill Basket


Deluxe Hamburger Grill Basket


23 Inches Long
Hardwood Handle
4 pattie wells
11×11 grilling surface.

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Grilling baskets simplify grilling on the go, they can be used for camping, tailgating, picnics, or even over your fire pit at home. The deluxe hamburger grilling basket is made to hold up to four 1 inch thick patties but it can be used to grill just about anything that will fit into the wells. A hinged locking lid will hold the meat securely in place while flipping or being transported.The 23 inches in overall length of this basket will allow you to grill over an open flame while being safely away from the heat. The hardwood handle grip is there to give you some protection from the hot metal but hand protection should still be used when handling a hot grill basket.

The wires of this basket are non-stick coated to ease cleanup. This basket should be washed by hand or with a sponge with just soap and water. Metallic scrubbers should never be use they will damage the non-stick coating.

Hamburger patties should be preformed to fit into the wells of this basket, attempting to form the meat in the basket will not end well.

When using a grill basket like this on a gas grill the lid will need to be left open. For smaller items like this it will not dramatically change your cooking times.


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