Flat Rotisserie Basket


Flat Rotisserie Basket


14 x 7.5 Inches

Chrome Plated Steel

Will Fit Spits up to 1/2 inch wide

In stock


The flat rotisserie basket is 14 x 7.5 inches and has a durable chrome plated finish and adjustable depth. This rotisserie basket will securely fasten to most spit rods with the use of its dual thumb screws. Works on most spit rods up to 1/2

The chrome plated flat rotisserie basket is one of our most popular items, it helps you make the most out of your grills rotisserie.  This durable double chrome plated rotisserie basket provides the perfect solution for those delicate and compact foods that are normally excluded from the grilling on the rotisserie. Great for fish, hamburgers, sausages, and beyond the adjustable depth design allows for cooking of various meats and vegetables without the need for tools and difficulty.

Easy thumb squeeze adjustment on this flat rotisserie basket allows for varying cooking thickness across the 4 thickness settings; for uneven thicknesses the settings can independently be determined on each side of the basket.

Simple thumb screw fastening allows for easy wedge mounting to 5/16″ square and clamp mounting to 1/2″ hexagon and 3/8″ square rotisserie spit rods. For small diameter spit rods or extremely imbalanced food loads its recommended to utilize rotisserie spit forks inserted through the ends of the basket to provide additional protection from basket slipping.

Baskets interior dimensions are: 14″L X 7.5″ W X 2″ D.

This product is backed by a manufacturers 1 year  Warranty.

To view the flat rotisserie basket installation manual click here.

Flat Rotisserie Basket Features:

  • Durable Food Safe Chrome Coated Steel Construction. Won’t Flake Off Like Comparable “Non-Stick Coated” Models.
  • Fits The Most Common Sized Rotisserie Spit Rods: 1/2″ Hexagon, 3/8″ Square, and 5/16″ Square Rotisserie Spit Rods.
  • Versatility Provided By 4 Thickness Settings Allows For Angular Configurations For Cooking Of Uneven Thicknesses Of Fish, Hamburgers, Sausages, Chicken Breast, Pork Chops, Pork Tenderloin, Parsed Ribs, Shish Kebab/Kabobs (w/ Use Of Skewers Not Included) & Beyond. Cook Thin & Delicate Foods Not Generally Suited To Rotisseries With Just Rotisserie Forks.
  • Thumb Screw Adjustment Provides Fitment To Listed Rotisserie Spit Rod Sizes. Now Includes Locking Nuts To Increase Surface Area Of Thumbscrews For Increased Clamping Ability To Smaller Spit Rods (5/16″ & 3/8″ Square). Spit Rod Will Pass Through The Bottom Interior Of The Basket
  • Easy Squeeze Adjustment Tabs Allow For Tool-Less Adjustment During Preparation, During The Cooking Process, And When Unloading The Basket.

Care of the flat rotisserie basket:

To avoid scratches in the chrome plated finish of this basket it should be hand washed with soap and water and towel or air dried. While this is tempting to throw in your dishwasher the harsh detergent will eventually damage the finish. Never use a grill brush or metallic scrubbers to clean this product.

Additional information

Weight1.2 lbs
Dimensions18 × 8 × 3 in


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