Grill Tool Caddy and Organizer


Grill Tool Caddy and Organizer


Holds everything you need for grilling in one place.

Fully adjustable

18.25 x 7.25 x 22.25

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The grill tool caddy organizes and holds everything you need to carry out to your grill except the food. It is adjustable to fit anyone’s needs. It has hooks for holding your tools and three trays for carrying just about everything else. It even bar for holding a roll of paper towels. I am not going to say this is the greatest grilling accessory ever made but, it has to be close. I will get in depth with this item description working from the top down.

The handle on the top of the grill tool caddy extends up and down with three different settings, depending on your needs. When fully extended it is 22 inches tall, this is tall enough to hold my extra long tongs from the hooks. The handle adjusts with those simple buttons you push in, while you pull to extend it.

Those tool hooks extend in and out. If you don’t want your tools handing above your trays just pull the hooks out all the way. Don’t want to hang your tools at all just push them in, out of the way.

Down the handle of the grill tool caddy are metal bars that are designed to hold a roll of paper towels. These also extend in and out. This lets you get some friction on the side of the roll to keep it from spinning freely in the wind.

On the base of the grill tool caddy there is one permanently mounted center tray that is large enough to hold a 6 pack of beer or other stuff if you prefer. The grill caddy also comes with two smaller ( 2 beers each) removable trays that can be used or not used. These trays hold a lot of stuff.

My Grill Tool Caddy Setup:

This is the best part of this job, when something like this comes along I get to snag one and use it. The way I have my grill tool caddy setup is: The top handle fully extended with the left side hook pulled all the way out. I hang all my tools on this side and I push the other hook in allĀ  the way.

I have the additional tray on the right side but not the left. I have a smaller side table and this allows my tools to hang freely off one side and still allows plenty of room for other things.

Empty the grill tool caddy is top heavy and wants to fall backwards when fully extended so always have something on the bottom.

Since it is made from a hard plastic it will easily wipe clean with soap and water.

When not in use just slide a clean trash bag over the top of your grill tool caddy to keep everything clean until your next use.

This is a great grilling gift idea or can be used as the base of an awesome grilling gift basket.

Note: This is just the grill tool caddy, other items in the images are not included.


Additional information

Weight5.2 lbs
Dimensions18 × 12 × 10 in


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