Grilling Gloves Black Leather


Grilling Gloves Black Leather


Black Leather

14 Inches Long

Gold Trim

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We are advocates of wearing hand protection when working around your grill and these black leather grilling gloves are great when working with charcoal or picking up any hot metal for short periods of time. The hands have an extra layer of insulation to protect you from the heat longer. At almost 15 inches long these grilling gloves will protect your forearm from brushing up against hot metal while you are reaching into you grill or smoker. The leather on these grilling gloves is soft and pliable and the black with gold trim looks good as well. They are not thick and stiff like a leather welding glove would be.

Grilling gloves are made to protect you from the heat but they can only do it for so long. Once you begin to feel the heat penetrating the glove you will need to make a plan remove them ASAP. It all depends on how hot what you are picking up is as to how long they can protect you. Allow them to fully cool before putting them back on. Basically just use common sense.

Wet leather grilling gloves are not very functional at all, the water will get the inside of the glove hotter faster.

With proper care and use these grilling gloves will last for years of use however, in the unlikely event you hold something so hot and so long that it damages the glove it will result a melted spot on the glove that will end up being a hard spot. I have never witnessed a burn hole in a leather glove but I am sure it is possible.

We always use our leather grilling gloves whenever we are handling a charcoal chimney or removing a spit rod. Any time we remove something that may still be hot from the grill really. I used to use oven mitts and pot holders but after I melted the 3rd one the wife recommend strongly that I get some grilling gloves. Who doesn’t like black leather?

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