Insulated Food Gloves Black Pair for Pork Pulling


Insulated Food Gloves Black Pair for Pork Pulling


12 inches Long

Rubber Outer Layer

Insulated Inner Layer

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The insulated food gloves by Mr. Bar-b-q are 12 inches long and made from a flexible black rubber with insulation inside them. These gloves are perfect for removing large cuts of meat from your grill, oven or rotisserie. In a commercial environment they are used for pulling pork.

Insulated food glovesĀ  are one of the products that we sell that we use the most around here.

These gloves are almost a necessity if you own a smoker they make picking up that huge brisket or pork butts easy when they are hot. If you’re a griller you will find them helpful when removing a beer can chicken from the stand or when handling a hot spit rod full of meat.

Insulated food gloves will protect your hands from the heat for a while before it begins penetrating the material. This also makes them handy for pulling pork or shredding meat off of a whole chicken. Some times they are referred to as pork pulling gloves.

The rubber outsides will melt if they come in contact with hot grill grates. Typically this just results in a minor blemish of the material but I am sure they can melt fully if abused, so use them with caution. If you begin to feel them becoming to warm to wear just remove them and run them under or dip them into cold water. They will cool down very quickly and you will be good to go in a few minutes.

If the lining becomes wet these gloves will not repel the heat for long.

The cleaning of these insulated food gloves is easy: Just put them on and wash them the way you would wash your hands under hot soapy water. The insulation lets you use very hot water for this. Rinse and either air or towel dry. Do not place them into the dishwasher you will soak the lining of them.

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