Kabob Grilling Skewer 4 Prong


Kabob Grilling Skewer 4 Prong


Cook 4 kabobs at one time
Built-in pusher for removing cooked food
Perfect for meat, poultry, seafood & vegetables
Comfort grip handle

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Nobody only grills one kabob at a time right? This 4 prong skewer makes grilling multiple kabobs as easy as grilling one. There are four 10 inch long skewers mounted to a single hardwood handle allowing you to turn all of them at the same time with a single flip of the wrist. What a great idea!The overall length is 20 inches and the width of the skewer portion is 6 inches making it a comfortable size. Not to big and not to small and it will not be to heavy when loaded up with food. The hardwood portion of the handle is 6 inches long and has grooves for your fingers to ensure a good grip.

Each skewer has it’s own pusher plate. That is a small flat piece of metal that will sit on the skewer above your food. This gives you a surface to push the food off of the skewer.

This product is made with chrome plated steel wires and a hardwood handle so it should never be placed into a dishwasher. The moist heat will ruin the wood handle. It should be hand washed with soap and water without the use of metallic scrubbers.

Even with the handle off of the heat of the grill it will become hot. Hand protection (oven mitt or grill gloves) should always be used when handling this product. Also use caution with the end of the skewers they are very sharp.

From the package:

Deluxe Kabob Grilling Skewers – Cook 4 kabobs at One Time – Pusher for removing cooked food – Perfect for Meat Poultry, Seafood & Vegetables – Patented Comfort Grip Handle

Additional information

Weight1.6 lbs
Dimensions20 × 8 × 4 in


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