Basting Spoon Brush 15 Inch Silicone


Basting Spoon Brush 15 Inch Silicone


15 Inches Long

Spoon Brush Combo


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The silicone basting spoon brush is 15 inches long with silicone brush bristles placed around the entire head of a silicone spoon. Perfect for stirring sauces and then applying and basting all types of foods. This is perfect for those who like to make and cook their own barbecue sauce.

To use the basting spoon brush: Scoop out your sauce and apply it to your food using the bristles. As you tilt the sideways the sauce from the spoon well will pour out onto the silicone bristles. This allows you to sauce longer without going back for a refill.

The basting spoon brush is made for use in a larger pot where you are able to scoop out the sauce. it has a sturdy hard plastic handle for a sure grip. The hand curves and narrows up by the spoon head to make scooping out sauces a little easier.

The scooped spoon head is 2.5 inches long by 1.5 inches wide, not as large as a conventional sauce spoon, just slightly larger than a traditional soup spoon. The silicon bristles are about 3/4 of an inch long, they are 3 rows high around the entire spoon head. This makes the entire basting spoon brush head 3 x 3.5 inches in size and about a 1/2 an inch thick.

An interesting combination of a traditional basting brush and spoon. It was made for grilling but it can also be used around the kitchen. This is a gadget that you have to go into with a use for it in mind or it will end up sitting in your kitchen drawer.

Cleaning your basting spoon brush

This should be hand washed and dried only. It is NOT dishwasher safe.

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