Small Stainless Replacement Grill Brush Head


Small Stainless Replacement Grill Brush Head


The small stainless steel replacement grill brush head by Mr. Bar-b-q fits all Mr. Bar-b-q standard size, replaceable head grill brushes along with a lot of other manufacturers.


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The small replacement brush head is approximately 2 1/2 x 3 inches and has a triangular pattern for the three mounting screws. That is a standard size for small grill brushes but some have a 4 hole screw pattern. Several years ago this was made with brass bristles instead of stainless.

To ensure that this is the correct replacement head for your grill brush please read the instructions below.

Below you will find 2 links to printable .pdf files that are scans of the backs of the grill brush replacement heads that you can print. There is a file the larger heads and one for the smaller grill brush heads. Be sure your printer is set to “No Scaling” or 100% so they print correctly. Take the printed document to your grill brush to align the screw holes to see which one will work for you.

For large grill brush replacement heads, click here.
For Small grill brush replacement heads, click here.

We realize that most people do not know who made their grill brush and unless it is printed on the handle it is almost impossible to figure out. The only advice I can give to those who are searching and can’t seem to find the correct replacement head is: You can always drill new holes in the handle to fit one of the replacements we sell, our pdf’s will make a great template for that. Keep in mind that drilling through stainless is a pain and you really need to love your handle to do this.

Stainless Bristles
2.5 x 3 inch

If you are looking for replacement screws for your grill brush head, unfortunately we do not carry them. We have found that the #4 1/4 or 3/8″ pan head sheet metal screws works on most brush heads and the are readily available at most hardware stores or on Amazon here for just a couple of bucks.

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