Stainless Steel Handle Grill Brush Replaceable Brush Head


Stainless Steel Handle Grill Brush Replaceable Brush Head


17 inches long

2.5 x 3 inch stainless steel bristle head.

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The stainless steel handle grill brush with replaceable head is 17 inches long and has a 2.5 x 3 inch stainless steel bristle head. On the end of the brush is a large stainless loop for hanging the brush when not in use. The brush head is a standard small grill brush head size.

To replace the brush head on the stainless steel handle grill brush:

Simply remove the three small screws on the top of the head and the brush head should fall right off. Drop a single screw pack into the stainless steel brush handle and align the new brush head with that screw and tighten it slightly. Now you should be able to square up the brush head with the handle to get your other two screws to line up. Get both of the other screws started before tightening all the way.

The stainless steel handle grill brush takes a standard small size grill brush replacement head with a triangular screw pattern. They are sold separately and we have them available here.

If you lost the screws for your stainless steel handle grill brush head, unfortunately we do not carry them. We have found that the #4 1/4 or 3/8″ pan head sheet metal screws works on most brush heads and the are readily available at most hardware stores for just a couple of bucks.

Stainless Steel Handle Grill Brush Safety

Grill brush safety is not something that even crosses most people’s minds, but here is the thing, it is possible for a grill brush to lose the metal bristles. If this happens and a bristle gets stuck on the grates it could get into your food, then it could get swallowed. This is not a common problem but it does happen, hospitals have been reporting these incidents since the 1950’s. So here is what you need to do.

1) Purchase a good quality grill brush.
2) Inspect your grill brush head on a regular basis, if you see loose bristles throw it away.
3) Inspect your grill grid for stray bristles before every use.


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