Tel-Tru Glow in the Dark Barbecue Thermometer 2.5 Stem

$59.66 $43.99-26%


Tel-Tru Glow in the Dark Barbecue Thermometer 2.5 Stem

$59.66 $43.99-26%

Tel-Tru Glow in the dark barbecue thermometers are found on commercial barbecue pits everywhere. This thermometer has a huge 3 inch Glow dial with a 100 to 500 degree temperature range.

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This allows you to read the thermometer from quite a distance away even during daylight hours. The stem is 2.5 inches long and .250″ Diam. Tel-Tru Glow in the Dark thermometers are proudly Made in the USA.

The stem is threaded at 1/2″ NPT and will fit any 7/8 inch hole and will easily mount using the installation kit. Mounting nut and washer are NOT included, sold separately here.

Why a Tel-Tru Glow in the Dark thermometer?

First off Tel-Tru is a proven trusted brand in the barbecue industry. Why Glow in the dark? Any true pit master has had to start a cook in the middle of the night or early in the morning. The Tel-Tru glow in the dark thermometer has a huge 3 inch face. This will allow you to check it from quite a distance away in the dark, like through a window. You will need to expose it to sun light the day before though.

What is the right placement for the thermometer on your smoker?

Ideally you want your thermometer stem positioned at your cooking surface level and without the stem coming in contact with your food or heat source (you will need to consider how long your stem is as well). The right cooking surface location will enable you to get temperature readings closest to your meat and food. Most commercial cookers have the thermometer mounted at the top of the cooker for convenience, and since heat rises you will need to consider this when monitoring your cooking temperatures.

Most smokers already have a hole on the door for this size thermometer. typically it is covered with a plug, so it may take a second to locate it. Higher end thick-walled smokers will also be already threaded to accept this thermometer.

Tel-Tru Glow in the Dark Barbecue Thermometer 2.5 Stem Specs:

3″ Glow in the dark Dial with black needle
2-1/2″ Stem x .250″ Diam.
100/500 Degrees F Temp. Range
1/2″ NPT (install into 7/8″ drill hole)

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