Tel-Tru Installation Kit for Barbecue Thermometers 1/2 NPT Nut and Washer


Tel-Tru Installation Kit for Barbecue Thermometers 1/2 NPT Nut and Washer


1/2″ NPT connection

Requires a 7/8″ hole size for installation

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The Tel-Tru installation kit for barbecue thermometers includes an all-stainless steel lock nut and washer which fit any ½” NPT male threaded connection, a size common to industrial grade thermometers. Installation is quick and easy. Barbecue thermometers with a 1/2″ NPT connection will require a 7/8″ hole size for installation.

While the Tel-Tru installation kit for barbecue thermometers is designed for use with Tel-Tru brand of thermometers it can also be used with most other brands. Anything that has a 1/2″ NPT thread really.

The basic use of the Tel-Tru installation kit: The washer goes up against the thermometer back. place the thermometer into your smoker. Place the nut onto the threads round end first and tighten.

To clarify the fitting for the novice that thinks a 1/2″ connection and a 7/8″ hole doesn’t sound right. The important thing is the NPT designation. NPT is a plumbers term that stands for National Pipe Taper. What it really means is that it is the size of the threads on the outside of a pipe that has a 1/2″ inside diameter. If you are thinking about tapping the mounting hole out you would need the correct NPT type of tap to do it and your barbecue pit would need some very thick walls to support it.

Instructions for the Tel-tru Installation Kit

(Part Number 4903101)

Use with a thermometer that has a 1/2″ NPT male thread connection fitting (a 7/8″ drill hole will be needed)

Kit includes: one 303SS washer, one 303SS 1/2″ NPT lock nut.

Installation: Slip washer onto the thermometer’s 1/2″ NPT connection and place into a pre-drilled hole in the mounting surface. Turn the nut onto the connection and tighten securely.

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