Wood Chip Smoker Box V Shaped for Gas Grills Small


$15.99 $11.99

Stainless Steel with Non-stick Porcelain Coating

Dimensions: 6.14″ x 4.4″ x 2″

Hinged lid for easy loading

Designed to fit between the burners on a gas grill

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Developed specifically for gas grills, this unique smoker box features a v-shaped bottom which allows it to sit between the flame deflector bars of most gas grills. This positions the smoke right beneath the grill grate for the most concentrated smoke flavor, allowing the convenience of a gas grill without compromising wood smoke flavor. All V-shaped smoker boxes feature hinged lids.

This smaller version of the smoker box is made for smaller grills so you do not have to sacrifice to much room on direct heat grilling surface. The fact that it is non-stick coated means you can place your food directly over it to give it an extra smoky blast, just tread lightly at first.

We love smoker boxes they allow you to add another layer of flavor too your food with minimal effort. It does take a little time to get the correct flavor combinations but the results are tremendous. A trick we like to use is: when using a barbecue sauce try to find out what wood the restaurant that invented it uses. Typically they have done the experimenting for you.

We have found that apple wood is light and sweet and seem to be the best of the wood chips to start with.

Dimensions: 6″L x 4.29″W x 2″Deep, Non-Stick Surface

Instructions from Package:

Directions: Soak wood chips for 30 minutes or more in water, beer, wine, or other flavored liquid. This helps the wood chips to smoke longer. Drain wood chips and place in the wood chip smoker. Place smoker under the grill grate, directly on two flame deflector bars. Light grill and cook as usual. As the wood chips heat, smoke will be released, flavoring food with a rich smoky flavor.

Care information from Package:

To preserve and extend the useful life of this BBQ tool or accessory, wash with a mild dishwashing soap, rinse, and dry immediately. Do not use metallic scrubbers.

Warning: Metal gets hot!. Always use an oven mitt or grill glove when handling.

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