Hersheys S’mores Melting Grill Tray

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Chocolate Colored Tray
Hershey Logo
11 x 5.5 inch tray
Make Smores on your grill

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Hersheys S’mores melting grill tray warms the graham cracker and melts your chocolate and marshmallow at the same time. All while keeping the melted mess out of your grill and in its non-stick tray. Its folding legs keeps the tray 4 inches off the heat to prevent the graham crackers from burning and are fold-able and removable for easy clean up and storage.

Great gift for the chocolate lover in your life as well as the grill master of the house. The Hershey logo is prominently displayed on the packaging as well as the non-stick coated tray that has Hershey’s s’mores embedded in the center. They even went to the effort of making the whole thing chocolate-colored non-stick coated.

Now you can make delicious s’mores anytime on you grill with very little effort. Just set up this grill tray and let it cook for a few minutes and enjoy the goodness.

If you prefer your marshmallows browned instead of warmed you still may need to do that the old-fashioned way with a skewer. That leaves you more room on the tray for graham cracker and melting chocolate.

Dimensions; 11 inches Long 5.5 wide and 5 inches Tall

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