Short Handle Grill Brush Plastic with Stainless Bristles

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8 inches long

Ribbed Plastic Handle

Metal Scraper End

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When you have limited space to store a full sized grill brush this little one will fit the bill. At only 8 inches in total length including the scraper it will easily fit into any kitchen drawer. At 2×2 inches the stainless steel bristle head is only slightly smaller than a standard size grill brush head. The plastic handle is ribbed to provide a sure grip and has a hole in the end for hanging.

At the end of this brush it has a metal scraper that is great for stainless steel grates but should never be used on porcelain coated cast iron grates.

Because of the very short handle of this brush it should never be used on a hot grill. Allow the grill to fully cool before use.

Some grills with porcelain coated cast iron grates do not recommend the use of stainless steel bristles these typically recommend the use of brass bristles so be sure to check what type of brush you should be using before purchasing.

Grill Brush Safety:

Before using any bristled grill brush it should be inspected for loose bent or damaged bristles. If any are found discontinue use of the brush immediately.

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