20lb Propane Tank Scale with Digital Display


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Digital display

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Never worry about running out of propane with the 20 pound digital propane tank scale. Weight is the most accurate way to read the amount of propane in your tank. There is no connection to the propane tank so there is no worry of any type of leakage with this product. The tank just sits on the scale. If your grill has a cabinet it fits neatly inside with the digital display placed outside for ease of reading.

How it works: Turn the display on and place the tank on the scale. The tank weight is selected on the display when the tank is placed on the scale. The display will list the percentage of gas available due to the current weight of the tank and the selected tank weight. The display also includes a low level alarm that sounds when the remaining tank weight is at 10%.

Accurate, Safe & User friendly Displays the remaining cook time in minutes Safe connection, no chance of leaks Low level alarm at 10% Easy To Setup, Easy To Read, No Tools Required

Propane Tank Level Indicator GasWatch TVL216 digital propane tank scale is ideal for use with gas grills, patio heaters, smokers, and other outdoor propane appliances.

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