Tel-Tru BQ300 Barbecue Thermometer Black Dial 2.5 Stem

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3″ Black Dial with zones
2-1/2″ Stem x .250″ Diam.
100/500 Degrees F Temp. Range

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Tel-Tru BQ300 barbecue thermometer are the kind the professional barbecuers use and the black face seems to be their preference. This thermometer has a huge 3 inch black dial face with three easy to read colored heat zones. This allows you to read the thermometer from quite a distance away. The stem is 2.5 inches long and .250″ Diam.  Made in the USAThe stem is threaded at 1/2″ NPT and will fit any 7/8 inch hole and will easily mount using the installation kit Mounting nut and washer are NOT included, sold separately here.

This Tel-Tru BQ300 barbecue thermometer will mount into a 3/8″ hole. If this sounds large to you that is because it is. Most higher end off-set smokers already have this size mounting hole on them and it is just covered with a plug. Some thick walled smokers are even threaded to accept it. The NPT threading is a standard found in plumbing and laboratory thermometers.

Tel-Tru BQ300 mounting instructions:

Tel-tru barbecue thermometer mounting instructions

You can see how large that BQ300 3 inch dial face is when mounted on an 18 inch kettle grill (shown above) it is about the size of your fist. Another thing to notice in that image is that when mounted the thermometer does not sit flush. and this is by design to get more accurate temperature readings.

How do you select the right stem length for your smoker?

For accurate temperature readings, the length of the sensor must be fully immersed inside the cooking chamber. This bimetal thermometer has a coil that is about 2” long located at the bottom of the thermometer stem. A Tel-Tru barbecue thermometer has a 360 degree groove so you can visualize where the sensor is inside the thermometer stem.

You will also need to consider where your food will be on your cooking grates because you do not want the stem right up against it. The longer 4 inch stems are difficult to place at grate level in a small smoker but fit well in the large commercial versions


3″ Black Dial with zones
2-1/2″ Stem x .250″ Diam.
100/500 Degrees F Temp. Range
1/2″ NPT (install into 7/8″ drill hole)

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