Weber Exterior Grill Cleaner Review

For our Weber exterior grill cleaner review we tested this product side by side against just soap water and a microfiber cloth. To really put this to the test we are cleaning our 3 year old Spirit E210 grill. The painted finish on this grill hasn’t looked like new for at least 2 years and I never really tried to give it a toughrough cleaning.

Weber grill cleaning products are typically less than $10 and available in most hardware stores or on Amazon here.

Weber exterior grill cleaner review

To begin the Weber exterior grill cleaner review here is what it says on the back of the 16 ounce spray bottle we bought.

Weber exterior grill cleaner provides a streak-free solution for ALL of your grill exterior cleaning needs!

Directions: Liberally apply to you grill’s COOL exterior surface. Remove with towel or high quality paper towel. If tough grease stains are present, de-grease with Weber Grill Grate Cleaner first. If stain persists use Weber Stubborn Stain Remover.

Followed by a short list of warnings.

I really only read and follow directions for the purpose of this blog however, something really jumps out at me here. If this cleaner provides a solution to all of my “grill exterior cleaning needs” why is it listing 2 other products that I may or may not need to use to clean the outside of my grill?

Anyway off to the actual review portion of the post and we will hope for the best.

Weber exterior grill cleaner review before

Our primary testing area will be the top of our grills hood as you can see it is battle worn. In the following images the Weber exterior grill cleaner review area will be on left and soap, water and microfiber cloth on the right.

The cleaner foamed up when it hit the grill surface we let it sit for a few seconds and wiped it off.

As you can see it was better than the soap and water but didn’t seem to do a whole lot of cleaning. There was some grime left on our rag.  The soap and water performed about the same. so we decided to try again and to let them both sit on the grill for a few minutes before wiping clean.

Weber exterior grill cleaner review after

This time the results were a little better but not great in either case. I did notice that the area that was cleaned well was very shiny and new looking unfortunately that area wasn’t very big.

I was not happy with the results of either and will need to look for a different product to tackle this job.

So we moved onto our secondary testing area for our Weber exterior grill cleaner review. The stainless steel side table. I left some gunk on here from our last cook and let it sit for a few days.

The cleaner worked excellent but so did the soap and water

Bottom line of our Weber Exterior Grill Cleaner Review

If your hard on your grill like we are you should probably skip this product unless your willing to invest into all of the Weber grill cleaning products. If you are just looking to take some dust off your grill and not leave streaks this product may do the trick.

About the author: Mike is the owner of, a Certified Food Safety Professional and KCBS member.

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