Cherry Wood Smoking Chips

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Cherry wood chips for smoking 192 cubic inches (about 1.75 pounds) by Mr Bar-b-q are a great way to add a subtle sweet smoke flavor to your grilled foods. These wood chips can be placed directly on your hot charcoal on into a smoker box on your gas grill. Cherry falls into the fruit wood catagory of smoking woods the smoke flavor from this type of wood is not bitter or overwhelming.

Cherry or any fruit wood is a great wood when first experimenting with smoke flavors. The taste is so mello that it difficult to over smoke something. They are also good for mixing with a standard wood like hickory chips to mello that taste.

Cherry smoke adds a great flavor to just about anything but it really shines when used with fish or chicken. It has a sweet fruity smell when burned almost perfume like. It adds a beautiful dark color to chicken skin when smoked and a red tint to the bark of smoked foods like a pork butt.

Saoking wood chips has become a matter of personal preference. How we handle it is: we do not soak our wood chips when grilling short term like steaks or burgers. We will soak them when cooking anything that takes an hour or more to cook.

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