Merlot Wine Soaked Oakwood Chips

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117 Cubic inches
Oakwood Chips
Soaked in merlot
Infuse Wine flavor into your food

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A great unique way to infuse a subtle wine flavor into you grilled food is to use wine soaked wood chips. The Merlot soaked oak wood chips are the next best thing to cooking over a used wine barrel. The smoke given off has a nice red wine smell and flavor that your food will absorb through the cooking process.

These are work best when used with fish or poultry that really lets the smoke flavors shine through.

Packaged in a handsome colorful cardboard box this would make a great gift for any wine loving grill master.

Smoking wood chips can be used on any charcoal or gas grill. A gas grill will require a smoker box while the wood chips can just be thrown on top of hot charcoal. Or in either case a foil packet with hole poked into the top can be used.

This package has 117 cubic inches of wood chips which is about 1 pound.

From the package:

To Use:

    1. Place a handful of wood chips in a bawl and cover with water, wine or other liquid flavoring. Wait 30 minutes and spread over ready to cook coals. Begin cooking.
    2. Or spread a handful of dry chips over ready to cook coals. As soon as they stop flaming begin cooking.

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