Mesquite Wood Smoking Chips 160 Cu. Inches

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Strong Smoke Flavor
For use in a wood chip smoker box
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Mesquite wood smoking chips 160 cubic inches or about 1.75 pounds by Mr Bar-B-Q are a great way to add smoke flavor to your grilled foods. These will provide a strong smoky flavor to just about any food. Place these wood chips directly on your charcoal on into a smoker box on your gas grill.

When selecting the wood chips you want to smoke with the first thing to consider is how strong a smoke flavor do you want? Mesquite provides the strongest smoke flavor of most commonly used smoking woods. That is not to say that the flavor will overpower your food if these wood chips are used properly. In fact it is the second most popular wood used for smoking in America.

When smoking with these mesquite wood chips it is best to let the chips get hot before placing your food onto the grill. If you have ever heard that mesquite gives you a bitter flavor this is because the wood was not properly pre-heated before the food was placed on it. Mesquite burns hotter and longer then other woods and once hot the harsh flavors are gone.

What gives mesquite it’s strong flavor is lignin while all smoking woods have lignin in them mesquite has a much larger concentration of it then any of the others. The smoke flavor you get off any wood is a result of the combustion of the lignin.

While typically recommended for use with red meats when used properly, in moderation and with the proper flavor combinations it can provide you with outstanding results with any food. It may take some experimenting to get the right amount of smoke and proper flavors though.

A few years back I was at a rib burn off and I got to try some mesquite smoked pork ribs cooked by professionals. They were excellent, not over smoked and the flavors they paired with the smoke was spot on.

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